The pool hut
The pool hut
Life is good!
The pool hut
The pool hut
Relaxation is easy to do on the pool deck
Plan the an adventure to take in the beauty of the region
A very popular addition to the Bali@Avalon experience
Enjoy the sauna right outside your villa
So many comfortable area’s to relax and unwind
A great way to finish a day
Champagne darling?
Now I’m thinking of that four poster bed!
Villa Tiga
Kitchenette in Villa Tiga
Villa Dua
Villa Dua
Outdoor kitchen
Outdoor kitchen
Cheers my darling!
Well appointed outdoor kitchen
The view from the outdoor kitchen
A daybed for two
Guest parking
Bali @ Avalon ( Mandurah B&B) A true Balinese style experience
Calm & Beauty
One of the regions many ocean activities
Beautiful sunsets at Avalon Beach

The pool hut – designed to relax
Balinese temple
Thrombolites at Lake Clifton
Millie & Molly are certainly a hit with the guests

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